Try this: AmazingPhil

I’ve talked about a lot of YouTubers on this blog, YouTubers whose channels I watch on a regular basis and who entertain me and help me forget about the stresses of daily life for a while.  In this post I’m going to add another name to that list, and that is AmazingPhil.

Phil Lester (the man behind the channel) is a British citizen who got up one day and decided that he wanted to make YouTube videos (that’s how I imagine it happened). Almost all his videos are vlogs in which he talks about various things like his day, things that happened in the past, topics that interest him, his plans for the future and other random things. He frequently does collaboration videos with his best friend, roommate and fellow YouTuber Dan Powell aka danisnotonfire whom I wrote a post on before.

Phil started making videos all the way back in 2006, his first video was “Phil’s Video Blog – 27th March 2006″  which he uploaded on his main YouTube channel, AmazingPhil.





He’s come a long way since then; now he makes videos that are more like this.



As I said before, Phil does a lot of collaboration videos with Dan Powell. The two of them also have a gaming channel called DanAndPhilGAMES and they play games like this.

Phil has done a lot of things during his YouTube career; he co-hosted a radio show with Dan on BBC Radio One, he wrote a book with Dan called, “The Amazing Book Is Not on Fire” and went on a tour called “The Amazing Tour Is Not on Fire.” They have a YouTube Red series called, “Dan and Phil Go Outside,” and Phil has even appeared on TV shows like The Weakest Link and movies like Big Hero 6, but that is not why I like him or his videos.

I like Phil because he is funny, a little awkward too but he knows how to use that awkwardness to his advantage and make himself even funnier. His videos really lighten up my mood, especially the ones where he collaborates with Dan.

This is why I’m telling you about him and his videos. If you are stressed or just bored, try watching some of his videos and have a good laugh. Not only will it help you relax a bit but you’ll be entertained too. So check him out, have a good time and forget about your own day for a while, you deserve a break!


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