Try this: The Broken podcast

I feel like podcasts are severely underrated. Maybe it’s just me but so far I have not met a single person who listens to podcasts; everyone I know is all about the videos on YouTube and stuff. To be fair it’s not like I diligently listen to podcasts, I usually listen to them when the mood hits me, as in, I am walking about doing my everyday routine when suddenly I tell myself, “You know what? I feel like listening to a podcast today,” One of the podcasts that I keep going back to (even though the series ended years ago) is the Broken podcast.

The Broken podcast was a podcast series featuring YouTubers Pewdiepie and Cinnamontoastken.




They talk about various random things like how a drug addict wouldn’t stop ranting at them or how they feel about the YouTube comments section and other odd things. I already liked watching them separately; now hearing them together talking about random bull just cracks me up. Sometimes they even bring in guests and they talk to them. One time they played a Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying session with one of their guests, it was a short game but it was a lot of fun to listen to.

Before you listen to this, fair warning these two swear a lot (a lot of adult stuff too) so keep that in mind:

And if there are any of you out there who still insist on video then don’t worry they have most of the stuff on YouTube as well (I say most because I think some of it isn’t there, I’m not sure about that though).


Now, I’m not saying that you are definitely going to love the podcast, after all not everyone like the same thing. I’m just sharing something that I like to listen to when I’m stressed in the hopes that you will like it and that it will help with your stress too. And if you don’t, remember there are other podcasts out there you can listen to too, you’ll probably find something if you look for it.

Anyway that is the end of this post, hopefully you enjoyed it and hopefully you’ll enjoy the Broken podcast. Have fun!

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