Try this: Prank It Forward

Ever heard of the concept of paying it forward? It is an expression which means that when someone does something good for you, you do something good for somebody else instead of just repaying the person who did the good deed for you. There was even a movie based on the concept.















But I am not going to be talking about paying it forward but another similar thing called Prank It Forward. Prank it Forward is a kind of series/movement started by where YouTubers, internet personalities, celebrities and all around nice people who “prank for good” (that’s their slogan).

They come up with amazing ways to spread some good in very unique ways, giving some love and happiness to people who need it.

Sometimes they just do this thing where they act mean to random people but reward them if they stick with it to the end.











Sometimes they do something that seems like a prank but turns out to be something else.






Sometimes they do a dramatic build up and then reveal the actual good deed later.





Sometimes they just do something really nice for someone that deserves it.


It is a really good series and you should check out their website.

I like these series of videos because when I’m down and feel like there is nothing good in this world, these videos remind me that I am wrong that there are still people out there who think about other people and want to help each other out and make each other happy. Also, the reactions of the people when they realise it’s a prank is priceless. Try watching some ‘prank it forward,’ if it doesn’t leave you feeling a little better afterwards then I don’t know what will!


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