Games that calm you down: Fruit Ninja

Here is another game that most of you have probably already heard of, it’s a little game called Fruit Ninja. This game was developed by a company called Halfbrick which is situated in Brisbane Australia. The game was first released in April 2010 as a mobile game for the iPod Touch and the iPhone; later it slowly became available for other mobile devices/platforms. Nowadays there are versions of the game which can be played on other gaming platforms like the X-box Kinect, Windows 8 and even the HTC Vive.


The gameplay is fairly simple, fruits are thrown into the screen and players swipe across the screen with their fingers to cut/slice the fruit and earn points. Players get more points for cutting multiple fruits with a single swipe; players can also use more than one finger to cut the fruits. You have to cut all the fruits that come up on screen, if you miss a fruit you get a strike, three strikes and its game over. Sometimes bombs will be thrown into the screen, if the player cuts them then it’s an instant game over. Why? Because you just cut a bomb right in front of your face and it exploded, that’s why. But don’t worry, you get an extra life for every 100 points you get.

The game also has different modes like a Zen mode where you just keep slicing fruits for a minute and thirty seconds and not worry about bombs. There is also an Arcade mode where players have to get the highest score in sixty seconds; in this mode cutting these bombs won’t mean an automatic game over; instead, cutting a bomb will deduct points, ten points per bomb.

The VR version for the HTC Vive has a cool trailer for it too. Kind of random I know but I felt like it deserved mentioning.




The game was pretty popular in its time and I quite like it even now. It’s a time waster with the added bonus of acting as a distraction for your brain so you don’t waste energy worrying about useless things. There is a free version and a paid version of the game available in the Apps store and Play store. I’ll post links for the free versions here, one for the Apps store and one for the Play store . You can even visit the official fruit ninja website here.

So if you feel stressed out and want to distract yourself from your worries for a while, try playing fruit ninja, go ahead and sharpen your sword skills and show those fruits who’s boss! The best part is you won’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess afterwards.

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