Stressful Habits: Overanalysing

By Julo (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

One thing which I do all too often is overanalyse situations.
Why was that person staring at me? Did I have something on my face? Do I smell? I took a bath this morning so I should be ok. But I did sweat a lot getting here? Oh no, do I really smell that bad? Can everyone smell me? That guy was looking at me funny; he must be able to smell me. Human interaction is too hard; I never want to go outside again.
Okay jokes aside, you know that is more or less how overanalysing works. You keep playing something that happened over and over in your head, trying to dissect every detail, trying to look at it from every angle. Did I say something wrong? Did I do something wrong? Were they happy? Sad? Angry? What could I have done differently? You think about it, you worry about it and you think about it some more, and in the end what do you accomplish? Making yourself a nervous wreck, that’s what. Overanalysing doesn’t help anyone in any way, you don’t solve anything and what is worse, more often than not you end up seeing problems that were never there in the first place.
I’m probably not the first one to say this but somethings need to be repeated, it’s all in your head. You need to get out of there and stop thinking about whatever it is you are thinking about, play a video game, watch some YouTube, go on Twitter, go on Facebook, watch some T.V., heck go outside and look at the sky, just get out of your head.
Look, I am not saying that your worries aren’t valid, maybe they are, and maybe they aren’t. The point is thinking about them so much and trying to find something new from it is not going to work. If it is work you are worried about then I will say this, I don’t know you that well but the fact that you are worrying so much probably means you are a hard worker who gets the job done; any good boss will let you know that you have done a good job. If it is something else like relationship problems then I say you should talk it out with your partner or at least a friend or loved one. Even if it is something else entirely, still try talking it out with a friend or loved one; either way get out of your head!
There is so much more to life than just one thing that is stuck in your head, try to distract yourself from it, think about something else and find something else to do. Overanalysing something and getting stressed is unnecessarily, so just take a breath, relax and move on.
In the end, things will work themselves out one way or another. So have a great day!

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