Games that calm you down: Sling

When I was younger and we got our first internet connection I used to play a lot of online games; at the time I was amazed at how many of them there were, they seemed infinite. In this post I am going to be talking about a flash puzzle game I played a long time ago that to this day I still remember fondly, it’s called Sling.

The game starts out with you, a weird green slime ball thing, starting out on your new job as the new power keeper apprentice of an older green slime ball thing. Your job as power keeper is to protect the “Oozeville Powersource” from anyone and anything that may want to steal any of its parts. The power-source consists of all the things necessary for their world to exist: slime, fire, ice, dirt, water, metal, space, and magic. Supposedly, if even one of these elements were to go missing their entire world would collapse, which is why the power-keepers must keep their eyes open and be ready for any threats. Then the old slime starts to explain the possibility of monsters coming from another dimension and stealing one of the elements, which is exactly what happens while he talks about it. And so it is up to you to travel through the parallel dimension and find the element which some weird amoeba monsters stole from us, the slime element.

The gameplay is physics based; your character is a green blob with a hand sticking out of his head. You need to navigate through the levels by grabbing these white circles called grabs with your hand and stretching, bouncing and ricocheting around to move about, you can even grab the floor. To progress, you need to touch each white grab and turn them green; this opens up a portal to the next level. As you progress, each level becomes a little bit more difficult and there are 50 levels in total. Complete all 50 levels and you will get the element back and beat the game.  There’s even a bonus part to the game where if you can finish all the levels within a certain time period (gold time) then you unlock a secret level.

The game was made by the Edis brothers. One of the brothers, Simon Edis created the game design and coding and the other brother Jamie Edis, created the animations,, sound-effects and levels.

It’s a really fun game filled with humour and head scratching puzzles. Don’t feel too bad if you end up dying a lot, if you think about it for long enough and keep trying you can get through, just don’t take the game too seriously because sometimes it can get frustrating.

The game did so well that they made a sequel for it, Sling fire. The new game mechanics are more or less the same with a few added features; the premise is the same too, the only difference is that the bad guys stole the fire element this time and you can choose between being a girl or boy slimeball.

Go ahead and try out Sling, you’ll have fun and you can work those brain cells on something other than stressing yourself out.

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