Try this : danisnotonfire

In this post I am going to be talking about another YouTube channel and the youtuber behind it, and the channel is called danisnotonfire. Daniel James “Dan” Howell is a rather well known British Youtuber who basically makes funny vlogs where he talks about things that have happened to him in the past, his thoughts on certain subjects and various other things.






He frequently collaborates with his fellow youtuber Phil Lester who runs the YouTube channel AmazingPhil. The two of them also used to have their own radio show on BBC Radio 1 called Dan and Phil that ran from January 2013 until August 2014. His channel currently has over 6 million subscribers.

Dan uploaded his first ever YouTube video back in 2009 on the 16th of October; it was called “HELLO INTERNET.”



He was encouraged by his friends to keep uploading videos over and over again and he has been doing that ever since. Before he thought about making YouTube his career he was seriously considering being a lawyer, he even went to college for it, but somewhere down the line he realised that being a lawyer was not something that he wanted and he changed his career path, something I’m sure all his fans are glad happened.

Dan also runs other channels like danisnotinteresting  which he runs by himself, and DanandPhilGAMES which he runs with Phil and in which they upload videos of themselves playing various video and computer games like Donkey Kong, The Sims, Undertale and more.

The two of them even wrote a book together called, “The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire” which did very well, selling 26,745 copies in the UK in the first week of its release.


Now that’s some trailer.

I find Dan and his videos very funny and entertaining. In almost all of his videos, he knows how awkward he is and he just takes it in his stride and owns up to it making the videos very unique and filling them with his character. A lot of strange and funny things have happened to him in the course of his life so he has a lot to share; he also has a lot of opinions which he shares in his own special way that no one else can copy. So if you are stressed out and are looking for a way to de-stress, consider watching danisnotonfire and while you’re at it you might consider joining what Dan likes to call “The Internet Support Group.”

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