Try This: Niga Higa

I have talked about a few YouTubers in this blog, some famous, some not so much, but all of them I find entertaining and I think they make nice videos that are good stress busters. In this post I will be talking about another YouTuber who makes funny videos that I enjoy watching, nigahiga.

Nigahiga or Ryan Higa (that’s his real name) is a famous YouTuber who makes comedy videos; and according to Wikipedia as of October 2016 his YouTube channel nigahiga has over 18 million subscribers. Ryan Higa was born in Hilo Hawaii on June 6th 1990 and is of Japanese descent. While he was in school he learnt judo and even has a black belt in the martial art; basically he is not someone you want to mess with. He first started making YouTube videos in 2006 with his friend Sean Fujiyoshi. Back then the two of them would just lip sync to various songs; after some time a lot of those videos had to be taken down because of copyright issues, after all this was when YouTube was just starting up and so not many people cared about that kind of stuff. Now that it’s mainstream you have to be a lot more careful with music and video footage.

Later they started doing comedy pieces too and now after years of ups and downs and hard work he’s here, with his own little production company called Ryan Higa Production Company (RHPC) which is dedicated to making funny YouTube videos for his various channels, and they work pretty hard. If you look at some of his newer videos you see that they put a lot of work into making them even if they do play it off like it’s an average YouTube video made by an average bunch of people. They also post various behind the scenes stuff which gives a better idea of how much work goes into some of their videos. I’ll put some of his videos down here so you can get an idea about what I’m talking about.

Here’s one of his older videos (there’s some parts in it that you might find offensive, please bear in mind this was a different time and things were very different)









And here’s a newer one





As you can see the quality of his videos has increased dramatically when you compare it to his past videos. In one of his videos, he talks about how he suffers from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and how it is thanks to this that he can make weird connections that no one else can and also how he is able to make so many random funny videos. I can see how it might work. Here, you can check out the video for yourself.

I should also mention that he has another channel where he uploads videos to, called HigaTV and he also helped form the channel YOMYOMF Network which showcases the talents of various people and performers.

So that was a little bit about Ryan Higa, a youtuber whose videos I sometimes watch when I am stressed out so that I can calm myself down a little, and I watch when I’m bored and have nothing else to do. Hopefully you will like him and his stuff too and they will calm you down when you are stressed or at least get a good laugh. So go ahead and watch nigahiga and his weird and funny antics.

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