Try this: Jaiden Animations

A few posts ago (not sure exactly how many, I’m too lazy to go back and check) I wrote a post about a YouTube channel called theodd1sout comic, I’ll leave a link to that post here . Today I’m going to talk about another channel which is really similar to that one, it’s called Jaiden Animations . I mention this channel in the odd1sout post but that’s it, I just mentioned it. Now I’m going to be giving some details about it.

Like the odd1sout, Jaiden animations is a channel where Jaiden (the lady who runs the channel) uploads videos where she talks about various experiences she has had in her life and animates them.



She started out by creating short animations for a channel called iHasCupquake ) and later she decided to try out the YouTubes for herself. She describes herself as a socially awkward girl and most of her animations have to do with awkward situations she has faced in her life. She also posts speed art videos and does collaborations with other YouTubers like theodd1sout comic, TonyvToons , EroldStory , RushLight Invader, itsAlexClark, and others.

Here’s one of her speed art videos.

The reason why I like her videos is because of the way she describes her experiences and how she shows them to us through her animations. She puts her personality into the videos and shows situations which a lot of us have faced in our lives but she puts an entertaining and funny twist to them and the animations just drive the entire thing home. I also like her drawing style; in the videos she keeps it simple so that she can make the videos in a timely fashion but she is an artist and she does make more complex drawings which she shares with everyone. She puts up most of her artwork on deviantart and she has been a “Deviant” (member of the site) since 2014 (I don’t have an exact date). Here’s some of her artwork. birbs by JaidenAnimations on DeviantArt Commission: Animal Friends by JaidenAnimations on DeviantArt by JaidenAnimations on DeviantArt

In case you couldn’t tell, she is a fan of Pokémon! I quite like her artwork and am in awe and a little envious of her talent. You can check out her deviantart page for yourself here.

Like I said before I find her videos entertaining and I like to watch them when I want to unwind and to distract myself from the stress that is life. And so I am sharing this channel with you in the hopes that you can watch her videos and they might help you unwind too. Plus there’s the artwork too, who doesn’t like good artwork. So go ahead and check out her videos, have a good time and a good laugh.

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