Try this: theodd1sout

Today I’m going to be talking about a YouTube channel that I only came across recently but since then it never fails to bring a little more joy and happiness to my life (and I need every bit I can get); it’s called theodd1sout comic. In the channel James (the Youtuber who the channel belongs to) mostly uploads videos of animated shorts where he talks about his various experiences and/or how he feels about the things he is talking about. He always describes some nice relatable stories and topics and the animations he puts over it make the videos that much more enjoyable and funny.

Just to give you an idea on what I’m talking about, here’s a video of his.

He wasn’t always a YouTuber though. He started out making funny web comics on Tumblr, where he grew a large following before he went on to YouTube. Granted his earlier web comics aren’t that good (my personal opinion), but you’ve got to start somewhere and he’s become a lot better now. He still posts comics over there even now, if you want to check it out for yourself, click here. Be warned, some of the jokes he puts up are a little on a dirty side and he does have some dark humour too; hey it’s Tumblr, what do you expect?

In his channel, James doesn’t just post animated videos, sometimes he puts up speed art videos showing how he makes some of his web comics, like this one.

He also does collab videos with other YouTubers like Jaiden AnimationsComikaze, Q&EitsAlexClark, and others.

He also has this tradition where every time he hits a major milestone in his subscriber count on his YouTube channel, he covers a cake with sprinkles and the number of sprinkles he puts on the cake is equal to the number of subscribers he has (not sure if he’ll continue to do that in the future). Here’s a video of one of those milestones he hit.

Because he does mostly animations, he doesn’t post as often as most other YouTubers (I think he posts once a week, I haven’t been keeping track); after all it takes a lot of time and work to draw all the frames, edit the video and then upload onto YouTube. There’s also the fact that he still makes web comics for his Tumblr site, so that probably takes a lot of time to make as well.

Anyway I like the content of this channel it’s funny, it’s nicely animated and nicely paced and I think you’ll enjoy it as well (which is the entire reason I am making this post) so go ahead and check it out and give yourself a good time.

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