Stress relief in the now – an instant stress relief series: Getting a houseplant

Shelf at the bottom of a window for growing houseplants

By Tangopaso (Self-photographed) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

A long time ago in the way back when, I wrote a post about how looking at greenery can help reduce stress. However there may be instances when for some reason you can’t look at greenery, maybe you live in a dense part of the city and nearest park is too far away, maybe you live or work in the upper levels of a skyscraper and you can’t really see the tiny splotches of green, maybe you live in a dessert area like Dubai or Egypt, in which case getting to see greenery may be a bit rare. This is entirely possible; what is nearly impossible though is living a completely stress-free life.  No matter how hard you try life always somehow finds a way to stress you out and make things difficult, which sucks.

So let’s say you need some way to relax quickly and you want to try looking at some greenery, well then it’s very simple, buy yourself a houseplant. They are like a portable de-stressonator 9000 (patent pending). They give all the benefits of looking at greenery (put link here), they are easy to care for and look after (depending upon the type of houseplant you buy), looking after them gives you a sense of accomplishment, their portable so you could put them almost anywhere, in your office, in your home, you could even put them in your doghouse (if you had one and for some reason you wanted to, though the dog will probably destroy it), and finally they give you the added bonus of filling your lungs with a little more fresh air.

In case you think I’m just making all this up as I go, well I’m not, and you should know me better by now. Houseplants are proven way to help people de-stress almost immediately. This article from titled, “The prescription for a healthy life? A house plant! Indoor greenery boosts mood, reduces stress and cleans the air around us,” (talk about a mouth full) tells us all about how keeping a house plant is good for us.  Written by Ben Spencer Medical Correspondent for the Daily Mail (that’s how it was written in the article) the article talks about how houseplants reduce stress, anxiety, fatigue and how they act as natural air fresheners, among other things.

Oh and in case you are wondering what type to get just go here , it’s an article from the Huffington post and they give a nice list of houseplants which help with stress.

Well there you go, house plants are good way to deal with stress and they help brighten up the place so why not try getting yourself a houseplant?  Go on put some green in your life, it won’t hurt to try.

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