Try this: Adam Ruins Everything

NYC Public Library Research Room Jan 2006

By Diliff (Own work) [GFDL or CC BY 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

Some of you may or may not gave heard of a YouTube channel called CollegeHumor, they make a lot of funny videos, most of which are complete nonsense but some of which can be pretty relevant; they even have their own website (just a small warning, a lot of their stuff has profanity in it so if you’re not into that stuff you may not want to go to their website, or their YouTube channel). But this post is not about them but a show that they made called Adam Ruins Everything. It’s a comedy/educational TV show hosted by Adam Conover, one of the many actors from CollegeHumor. The theme of the show is that they take common misconceptions we all have on various subjects and Adam (the host) completely debunks them.  They do it through various skits and gags where Adam lectures the audience, interviews experts and cites various references on screen. It actually started out as a web miniseries which made it onto the small screen. The show made its debut on September 29, 2015 on truTV (they have a website too).

What makes the show different from other shows is the comedic way they explain everything. Everyone in the show treat Adam as an annoying know it all, which he is, who ruins everything fun even though at the end of the show they are happy to have learnt something new (most of the time). It’s a really cool show, very funny and entertaining, it gives you a good laugh and you learn stuff. Yeah, sometimes they talk about stuff which I took for granted as good, or completely believed in and tell me that its actually bad and not at all what I thought it was, which makes me feel kind of sad, but they always end the show on a high note, telling you what you can do to solve the problem; or at least how it’s not that bad and that you can still enjoy that thing you liked, or continue to believe in.

You can watch the show on truTV or the truTV website only problem is, it’s not free. Don’t worry though, remember that miniseries I mentioned earlier? CollegeHumor uploads certain parts of the show onto their YouTube channel and their website where you can watch it for free, it’s not a full episode but it’s better than nothing and it is quite entertaining.

Here’s the first Adam Ruins Everything video before the TV series. Fair warning, this one is aimed at adults and has profanity so keep the kids away.

Even though the stuff they show on truTV is less profane, the show is mostly aimed at adults so keep that in mind when watching it.

So there you go, one more thing you can try out for yourself when you’re stressed out. I watch it a lot, I quite enjoy it, an d I hope you do too, because if you don’t, well I kind of failed. Maybe you’ll like this show, maybe you won’t but it’s worth a try and hey it makes me laugh and I think it’ll do the same for you.
And that’s the end of the post. What are you still doing here? Leave!

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