Distract yourself with a Movie

I’m writing this post because of something that happened to me a while back. Things were not going my way and I had a pretty bad week (it happens to everyone), so the weekend comes around and I’m feeling pretty down. I can’t stop thinking about all the bad stuff that happened during the week and that just made things worse.

So I was hanging out with my family during the weekend and we decided to go watch a movie in the mall nearby. I wasn’t really in the mood because well, I was still thinking about all the things that had happened during the week, but I didn’t want to spoil our time together so I went along anyway. We went to the mall and walked to the movie theatre and checked what movies were coming (no we didn’t plan ahead; we decided to be spontaneous and just see what was available when we got there). We looked through the movies that were on and we decided to see the movie Sully.

For those of you who don’t know, Sully is a film about US Airways Flight 1549 and its pilot, Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, based on the autobiography titled, “Highest Duty” written by Sullenberger and Jeffrey Zaslow. To quickly sum it up, the movie shows what happened to Capt. Sullenberger and his co-pilot Jeffery Skiles immediately after the forced water landing of Flight 1549 in the Hudson River, back in January 2009.

So I was sitting in theatre and I was still thinking sad thoughts, but as I started watching the movie and started to really get into the story, I forgot all about my problems and just got absorbed into the action and enjoyed the movie (it is a really great movie by the way and I would recommend watching it as soon as you get the chance). In fact, if you have some free time right now, stop reading this post and go watch Sully. Go ahead I’ll still be here, this post isn’t going anywhere.
I’ll say this about the movie, this movie was so good that it made me forget about my problems and get completely invested into what was happening to the characters on screen. After the movie was over we walked out of the theatre and back to the mall and I started thinking about my problems again but now I was able to look at it in a much more positive light and I realised things will work themselves out in the end.

Now the reason why I’m telling you this story isn’t just to unload off of you guys, it’s also to tell you that a good way to forget about life and its worries for a little while is to watch a movie. Any movie, it could be a comedy, an action film, a rom-com; it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that it can help you distract yourself from your own thoughts for a while so you can recharge and then look at the problem again with less troubled eyes, or you could forget about it all together;, not all troubles are worth the trouble.

Well that’s it for this post. I hoped you liked it and if you have any recommendations for some movies please share them in the comments section below; let’s all enjoy a good movie!

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