Checking out 9gag

This post will be very similar to another post I did earlier called “Visiting useless websites,”. This post isn’t really about a way to calm yourself down if you’re anxious and/or stressed, but more like a way to distract yourself and forget about the stressful stuff around you, and get a few laughs too.

There is a website out there called 9gag where people post a lot of stuff. A lot of you who are reading this have probably already heard of 9gag and seen it, heck maybe you’ve even posted some stuff of your own there. But for those of you, who have never heard of this site before, consider this post a kind of introduction.

9gag logo

By 9GAG (9GAG) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

So 9gag is a social media website where people post and share content. People on 9gag post a lot of funny, sometimes insightful and awesome stuff.

You’ll also get some “strong” language and some content not meant for kids so be aware of that, you can also think of it as a meme central.

They also have a section called where people post videos. It’s mostly just videos from YouTube but I feel like it’s a nice place to go to look for funny YouTube videos without having to scour YouTube yourself.

So like I said before 9gag isn’t really a website meant for de-stressing but rather a way to distract yourself, shift your focus and get your mind off of the world and all its problems for a while.

Just a little warning, 9gag can be really addictive. There were times in college when I was doing homework and I decided to take a “small” break and look at “some” 9gag posts. I would end up spending hours on 9 gag, forgetting about the homework only to realise I wasted too much time and ended working late into the night/morning just so that I could finish the work in time.

That said, I don’t regret the wasted hours at all, I had fun and it’s not like I didn’t finish the homework so….. yeah.

Anyway, now let’s end this post. And if you have some free time you want to waste, go ahead and check out 9gag, you’ll get a good laugh. Also, if you find something really funny or inspirational or something you just like a lot, consider sharing it in the comments, I’d like to see it and I’m pretty sure the other people here would like to see it too.

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