Why do things mean what they mean? (Urban dictionary)

Every generation does one thing once they are old enough to take over, and that is to make up slangs and words that never existed before and give them meanings that make almost no sense (actually new generations do a lot more than just that but that’s not the point).

But then a problem arises, so many new slangs and words start to pop up and people begin to use them so often that their actual meaning becomes lost. When that happens where can you go to find out the meaning of that obscure slang you heard a bunch of kids using during your bus ride home? Your friends? More often than not they’re just as clueless as you, and sometimes you’ll have that annoying friend who knows exactly what it means but refuses to tell you because he says it will “spoil your innocence” but actually he’s just being a dick.

So what do you do when that happens? It’s not like there’s a dictionary for that kind of stuff. Ahhh, but there is, the Urban Dictionary.

You might have already heard of this but for those of you that haven’t, Urban dictionary is an online dictionary that tells you the meaning of the various slangs and made up words that so many people use nowadays. Now you might be wondering why am I talking about Urban dictionary, this is alternative yoga not understandyourchildren.com. Well, the thing is, I was going on urban dictionary a few days ago and I saw some of the meanings of slangs I didn’t know about, and they were so funny and weird and they made me think, “What the heck is going through these people’s heads when they make this stuff up?” That’s when I realised that this was a good way to reduce stress and get a good laugh every now and then.

Plus, you do learn a little bit more about slangs and stuff, now we can finally understand what the heck the kids are talking about (some of it anyway). Who knows, maybe they’ll think we’re hip (probably not).

So go on Urban dictionary , learn some slang and have a good laugh too. Be careful though, you might find some of the stuff offensive; you have been warned.

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